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Report - Report: Swan Mine, Wiltshire, June 2017


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Swan mine, also known as Kingsdown Quarry, began its operations in the late 18th century for its abundance of stone. Because of its size records from 1896 show only 12 minors are known to have worked there and 2 deaths from falling rocks.

My Visit:

It had been while since I had been out of Leicester for a good old explore and for my second mine explore I was rather excited. The mine itself is full of crawling and climbing and trying not to break my camera as we moved through. It seems it is very popular for cavers and explorers alike with even a notepad to sign your name.

Apart from the constant fear of being killed by the very dodgy ceiling and the painful excursion of exercise, all in all it was a good explore and a great time with friends. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!



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Good work. Looks like you guys had a fun day which is what it's all about really :thumb

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