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The pit was essentially pulled as it just encouraged negativity!

A shift change was required to encourage newbies trying to get a foot on the ladder, and to get involved rather than slap them down and troll them at any available opportunity

Best decision we made (I think) pulling it :coat


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I kind of think the advice section is a somewhat lesser version of the pit, as in that's now where all the dud threads end up.

I do however think there should be a minimum standard especially when it comes to residential stuff, Uncle Petes shed with just a vague County location and no information at all about anything just doesn't cut it, it wouldn't be accepted on any other part of the forum.


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Sounds good, being from surrey it's just about all thats around but 2020 that should change, only houses with significant history or personal possessions left behind sounds much better


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I've seen a fair few residencial places abandoned and still got my eye on a few as @Andrew32 said I too am from Surrey and its litterally all that's round here at the moment is houses

That being said I never posted a report on ravenmorrow because so many people already had I didnt feel it needed to be shared again

But meadrow was something to be shared but I felt it shouldn't of gone into the publics eyes at all then I see on here the owner getting in touch from brazil or something

Madness this hobby is but that's why we all love it


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Completely agree with this post!! Some places just aren’t even worth the battery power of taking a photo, went to a few places when I first started out and didn’t even bother taking pictures, some are truly awful


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But there again on the flip side posting real addresses gives the game away to. The goontubers, children,thieves, and pseudo explorer. It’s a no win situation.