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Report - Revesby Abbey (Lincs) - 1/11/06


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28DL Full Member
Well this evening a few of us braved the elements , wrapped up with extra warmth and headed out to Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire. The clear sky and super bright near-full moon was a blessing as it offered plenty of natural light without attracting unwanted attention. The place is huge, it seemed a lot larger than I previously remembered. Well after a bit of a comedy entrance we were in the basement where I took a few basic pictures, we then proceeded up a spiral staircase and ended at a door that first appeared locked. We thought we could hear some noises in the room, but just put it down to the slight breeze blowing the tarpaulin on the roof. With a gentle nudge the door opened, I was then greeted with some big black animal scutching across the floor and out of sight, fook knows what it was! :eek: So with that, and the time it now was, we went down into the cellar, had another look around then used our clever exit technique and headed home, briefed for another visit in the not too distant future, and armed with additional knowledge of the place which will be handy next time round. :thumb








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