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For quite a while now, we've been getting grief from the owners and occupants of Revesby Abbey.

Obviously they aren't happy with our incursions, and that is understandable.

The complaints have escalated recently, and last night the police were called when a group of eight were attempting to break in during the early hours.

Can you please all read the disclaimer at the bottom of every page. We don't condone criminal behaviour, we don't want anything to do with it. If you are ever caught, doing anything, you don't represent us, to the extent that if we find out, you'll be banned from here.

Now please, if you can't explore properly, just don't bother. You're a waste of time to us and yourself, and also the innocent owners of the properties.



Mr Muscle
28DL Full Member
Haven't they been asking for a couple of years now? Remember having a 'debate' with some Manfrotto goon on the OS Facebook page who was preaching that we all have the right to trespass whether the owners are trying to live there & restore it or not. Didn't quite see the human element of someone asking nicely that we stop waking them up at all hours just because we want pictures. Sometimes it's worth being nice about things especially if claiming you 'care' about a place as that was also the pathetic reason for trespassing they gave.
Give it a miss folks as the owners seem to have good intentions & if you wanted to go, tough, you should've gone before now.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Sounds like it's gone a bit too far then, admin if you wish you can take my revesby report from 2 years ago down, I think the owners should do permission visits on this place, I've just found ghost night tickets for revesby on eBay at £45 a pop, so they must need a few bob for restoration anyways.


28DL Colonial Member
28DL Full Member
Or move all Revesby reports to NP , probably be pissing in the wind at this point , but wouldn't be accessible to the general public. Permission visits could be the way to go. also a grumpy alsatian ... :eek:

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