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Report - Revolver - (Hotel California) - Birkenhead - March 2019


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Blimey, on a roll, this must be my second report of the year!

A week before we went here, me and @Bigjobs had been out exploring with @jaynelouise and had been to the Waterloo Victoria Tunnels (Yep I did a report of that too :eek:). However the tunnels had never been our intended target but we'd failed at our first location (Damn you VPS security monitoring systems and sensors grrrr!). Our other preferred location was Revolver so we trooped over there, with high spirits and eternal hope.....

The umbex gods, however, were not with us that day, as we drove past we spotted a bloke in high vis standing guard. So we waited and waited and waited but he wasn't fucking off anywhere! Calling it a day there we decided to go tunnel derping instead. After much fun mooching about and playing on the palisade fence we went our separate ways and headed home. Halfway home we received a message from Jaynelouise saying he'd gone and she was going in and having a snoop. After successfully gaining access to the basement she was met with calf-deep water and not wearing any suitable footwear decided to leave it for the night.

Fast forward a week and we're sat in Maccies in waders and wellies (well me and Jobs in waders and Jaynelouise in wellies) waiting for the goddamned security guard to fuck off again! Due to other commitments, Jaynelouise had to nip off for a while but on her return at 10.00pm the coast was clear and it was go go go!

You can tell the demo work is underway as the way Jaynelouise had originally gone in the previous week was now pretty much blocked with junk. Not blocked enough though to stop us getting in.


As mentioned in previous reports Revolver dates back to 1879 and was known as Omerods Royal Castle Hotel. Initially, its main source of business was the Camell Lairds Shipyard workforce who, as soon they heard the hooter would scuttle over to sink a few beers which were always ready and waiting for them in their predetermined seats and would pay their tab at the end of the week. This meant quick service for the customers and a fucktonne of money being raked in with relative ease by the owner.

The Castle boasted cheap accommodation, a bowling green, a couple of billiard tables and kitchens open to cover all possible shifts and if you wanted a beer at 6.00 am you got a beer at 6.00am.

In its later years, it became a local haunt for bikers with rock festival being a regular feature, before becoming more well known as a rock pub, often having up and coming bands playing live. It took its final name of Hotel California or "The Cali" in the 90s and liked to have "all-nighter" kinda music nights and apparently had a wide range of "weird bottled lagers".

From the outside it is evident it has with subsidence and one corner looked a bit too sketchy for comfort. So after a few phone snaps and a good old bimble about in the dark, trying to keep torches away from the windows to avoid detection, we traipsed back through the dank water and disappeared into the night.

Anyway here's a few pics, like I said they are phone photos. Hope you enjoy.



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... and Mr Lee Owen was finally reunited with his credit card, noticing a round was bought at the local 'spoons the other night....


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I went there today and everything’s been smashed to fuck :( also we found some man chilling on a couch upstairs so we pegged it after that ahaha
I believe they’re demolishing it soon :(









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i missed the basement ! glad you got it ! ...when i went i gained entry through the fire escape at the top of the external metal stairs ....my entry was seen by a few uninterested passing cars ...but i was dressed as a security guard...lol


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I bought the stained glass from here, and when I was in site the guys were trying to remove the tiles. I guess they gave up!

At least it's of some comfort many of the features were recovered by the demo company to go into their reclamation yard.

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