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Report - Rhiwbach Slate Mine - North Wales - March -2016

The Kwan

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Acid I remember Lenston saying that the back end of his new lenser had been changed to a fluted security design( as they described it), basically for smashing glass and cheek bones lol, but I wonder if that has changed the lanyard design in any way because it really a was flimsy looking clip.


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have to admit it made a really good lighting effect however.

i have a bag of 1w SMD's somewhere, not quite as bright as a cree but they run nicely off a pair/trio of AA's - and there only a few pence each

can't help but wonder how they would look in a click-lock box with a couple of rocks to weigh it down, maybe add a coil of fishing wire so it could be retrieved.
could possibly even add colored filters to it by lining the box with something.

for what it costs i might have to give it a try at some point

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