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Report - Rhodes, Afandou, swimming complex-July 2018

Jack Wilkinson1

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28DL Full Member
On holiday in Rhodes at the moment and accidentally came across this site. I saw it fromthe view of my bus and thought it was worth checking out so I did.

The swimming complex was built in the 1970’s but sadly never opened. I’m not sure why that is as it’s been fully built so couldn’t be due to a loss of funding, I couldn’t find out online either.

The site is easy to find as it’s 400m from the beach and about 5m from the road with nothing but a few bushes splitting them apart. There isn’t a fence around it but there are multiple holes in it and it would be easy to climb so access wasn’t hard. Once I was in it was a nice, peaceful walk round for 45 minutes or so.

On to the pictures:View attachment 772951
This is a view of site from the front of it.

View from the side. This is also where I got in by climbing under fence, couldn’t be arsed with clambering over it in the mid-day heat.

Swimming pool, still with starting block numbers on it.

Diving platforms, was fun walking to the top and looking over the edge. Would’ve been nice to jump off If there was water in the pool.

I’m guessing this would’ve been reception

Lots of lockers! Saw a couple rats hanging around this area too.


It’s a shame this place never opened because i reckon it would’ve been buzzing with locals and tourists. I for sure would have loved to have gone.

There’s is a hotel 50m up the road from this place which I visited today and planned to also make a report on, however that visit didn’t go so wel. Within the first couple minutes of being here I had rocks thrown at me so I legged it.

This was the only photo I got of the hotel. It extends much further on behind and to the right. However, you can’t see the side part because of the shrubbery.

The only history I have of this hotel is that it shut 45 years ago but they plan on reopening it within the next couple years.


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28DL Member
Thanks for posting this. I went today. Amazing place. I think it must have been open at some point as I found lots of paperwork dated around 82. I made it into the hotel too. There were receipt books there from 2001 for people who played rounds of golf. Looks pretty much the same as when you were there.

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