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Ricall was one of 5 mines making up the 'Selby Complex', which were the most recent mines to be sunk in the UK. The pits were built to look non descript and blend in with the landscape, as there was much opposition to 'collier folk' moving around Selby. The miners were reluctant to strike at first in '84. as no one could forsee the pits closing as they were so new... despite this there were bitter battles at Ricall and Wistow. In one the miners released cattle from a field and caused a stampeed against the police. Most fled but some raised on a diet of Bonanza and spaghetti westerns turned some of the cattle around to stampeed the other way! The miners then retreated to the fields and threw clumps of clay at the police vehicles!!

Anyway the mine shut in 2001, and I tell you it is an eerie place. Most of the car park lights are on, as are the lights in the buildings. Lights still fliker on the control panel, and the cctv is playing to a vanished guard!! The buildings are tight and we only got into the workshops and issue room, still with self-rescuers on the rack!

In the carpark the shrubs have escaped their raised beds and now resemble a pan of milk boiling over!! Proper crazy!! The blue cylinder in the above pic is a shot firer's explosives carry case!!

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