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Report - Richborough Power Station, [Night] - May 2011


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Richborough Power Station


Has been coverd numerous times, so ial stick to the pics.


Being local ive seen it for many many years and i allways wanderd what there was inside. a few faild attempts to find a way in and alot of dissapointment over 5 years hearing about its probable demo (there was even a compotition) and then redevelopment i never thaught iad get the chance. I first visited the station a few weeks back, a tipoff from a urbexer and a free weekend and engless memorys and storys handed down to me by my grandad who infact built a sections of the cooling towers i figured... WTH, this place has allways grabbed my imagination and it would be a travesty to not see it before the land is sold or they rip it down.

so off i went...

my first trip was amaizing, allthough i found myself more in awe of my surroundings then trying to capture the images i wanted. was a lil bit more then a photo trip for me (sad i know). we took pics of the towers from underneath, the sewage plant and a couple of the warehouse sections and then when peeking round a wall some ment in green vests with a security van xD! we decide dot cut the trip short.. ;)

but it was realyyyyyyyyy bugging me. i felt dissapointed that i got so close to this wonderfull building but didnt even get my foot in the door.
I ha dot go back. then a message from a 28dl member, Demo is now on site, if your going to see it iad go soon. Bollox -_- ...

so heres my dilema, go back and MAYBE see the buildings or dnt bother and miss a never again oppotunity. OFC i went. lol. but this time i wanted to do something much more diffrent. sorta liek my own fairwell to my obsession with the station. so i did it at night and Wow.. loved every second.

was my first night shoot ever, so i appologise for the quality of some of my pics, haveing to use a maglight and picture as u go is a lil more difficult then i thaught, spesh wen ur dodgeing pigeons both alive and dead.











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