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Report - Richborough Power Station Oct 2010


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I set off on this my first outing after a night of fitful sleep excited and nervous. I had read a couple of reports and thought it might be better trying this out at first light. It turned out that they are constructing a new road by the side of the power station and the contractors were already there.

I parked a fair bit away so as not to arouse concern and walked further than needed really. I found a way the way in very quickly and easily.

There are some great shots already of this place so I have decided to try something a little different by giving them a 70s style. I did this by washing them out with a 60% sepia layer.

As this was my first outing I was apprehensive and nervous, the noises that came from these large derelict structures spooked me a little as I was worried I might encounter security.

I took the precaution of telling someone where I was going and ensured my mobile and gps software were working in case I got myself into difficulties.

The photography could be better but I put this down to rushing due to nerves.

I hope by jumping straight in I might meet fellow members more experienced to help me explore further.









I forgot to mention the full set can be found on Flickr


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