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Report - Ridge Quarry, Wiltshire. Oct 2016/Feb 2017


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Ridge Quarry, Wiltshire.

Visited several times during the above dates, with various explorers including @Lenston, @Porker of the night, @silentwalker and @Oort

Sadly the entrance is now well sealed.

Ridge Quarry history from Nettleden:

Originally an average size Bath stone quarry with links Monks Park Quarry, there is a geological fault running through the quarry meaning the limestone varies in depth by about 20 feet, as the quarry men have followed the stone it as resulted in one half of the quarry being 20 foot lower the other. The is an internal slope shaft taking you from the top to lower level.

Ridge was quarried up until 1914 when at the start of the First World War, Ridge was requisitioned by the War Department. They cleared out the waste stone and stacked it up in older parts of the workings and strengthened the roof so that ammunition could be stored in the mine.

During the build up to WW2 the War Department decided that there was a need for a large underground ammunitions store. It was decided that the required space could be obtained by converting four quarries, these four formed what was collectively known as Central Ammunitions Depot Corsham. Ridge Quarry was acquired and put to use as one of these sub-depots. The three other sub-depots were Tunnel Quarry at Corsham, Eastlays Quarry at Gastard and Monkton Farleigh Mine.

Ridge Quarry was never converted to the same extent as the rest of the Central Ammunitions Depot Corsham so it became surplus soon after the war had finished. There is however evidence of Monkton-style corseting and strengthening work in the quarry but at an incomplete stage as the budget was never approved.
And some snaps:

Slope shaft no.2


Reinforced roof



Slope shaft no.1







Some of the areas reinforced by the military






Incline looking up


And from the top


Really enjoyed Ridge. Good history and fairly unspoiled. Long may it last.

Thanks for looking :thumb


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Pic 3's a new one on me, not seen that bit before.

So is shaft 1 now backfilled as well, or just a nice new shiny lock?


Fear is the little death
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Pic 3 is not far from the access mate. Sure you've seen that??
Must of missed it, prob too busy setting up camera settings and heading off to more interesting parts...

Ta for heads up on slope shaft!


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Bottom of slope shaft.. Continue through the reinforced section in front of you, past the tyres. Then stay on that stretch dont turn off in the direction towards slope shaft 1! And it will be directly infront of you i will pm you it on the survey


Fear is the little death
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Ahhh that'll be why then, always headed off on the round trip straight to the other slope shaft.

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