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Ridley's Brewery, May 15.


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Hello guys,

I happened to pop down to a new pub on advice of a couple of friends, The Compasses Inn, formerly owned by the Ridley's brewery and seeing as the brewery was just 'down' the road, I thought I'd have a mooch down and see what had happened to it of late, only a couple of pictures, There is the big old demolition wall in place now but I noticed someone had either broken in already or a truck had completely knocked off one of the panels a little way down...Maybe next time I'll have a chance to explore it.

This is standing on the corner of the road, it is down this side where the missing panel is:


This was through the main gate, I believe that is the clockhouse on the left:


I like this picture but it's a sorry looking affair:


And just one of the chimney against the sky, one day I'll look up and it'll be gone:


Thanks for looking.



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Went round this the other day, interesting but it's getting trashed. Easy enough to get in so go have a look :thumb


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Good to see whats happening with the place, my first trip there didnt really do the place justice. We went back quite a few times over the years all the way up to 2012 i think and each time we found new parts to explore or hidden rooms with epicness hidden away. Enamel signs, retro merchandise, old bottles, crates, even a massive archive of Victorian paperwork left in the loft of the offices. Exactly how brewery explores should be!