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Report - Rigid Paper mill , Selby , North Yorks

el jonno

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Well this site as a paper mill closed in february 2009 and is quickly being demolished now the majority of the machinery has been removed.
However, I was lucky to get in and take a look and grab a few pics before that happened. Security at the time was zero and I had a good snoop about unchallenged.
here goes.


This is the "wet end" of paper machine 1 , the largest and most up to date machine on site.All the belting and mesh which carried the pulp through the forming stage had been removed which was a shame. Going to be stripped down and sent to Brazil ive heard.


"dry end" of paper machine 1 , this is where the finished reels of paper were taken off the machine. unfortunately none about at the time but maybe 2.5metres wide looking at the size of the winding drum.


A right beast !!! This is the chopper in the prep plant where bales of used paper and board were smashed up in water to make the pulp that was pumped to the paper machines.the bowl in which this sots is lined with ceramic tiles.bizarre.


This is the top part of the pulper complete with conveyor that the bales rode on before dropping into the "mix"


I managed to get up to the middle floor of the 3 storey building no problem, came across this old sign.Hoped to get higher and onto the roof but stairs were gated and padlocked.


middle floor of 3 storey building.quite sad to see it like this when it must have been a hive of activity with machinery not too long ago.


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28DL Full Member
I worked here for a brief spell...was doing an induction as an electrician,til all of a sudden i was laid off,not long after...the place shut down.
Gutted cos was a massive & interesting place. Used to flood all the time though.

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