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RIP Downfallen.


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Such sad news :( His reports and achievements will always remain an inspiration to myself and no doubt many others.

RIP Downfallen.

Palace Fan, If you haven't already, the members of SkyscraperCity London Metro Area forum need to be informed - as they followed his work with as much appreciation and admiration as we did.


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RIP Downfallen. We only met a few times but you were an inspiration both in person with your 'give it a go' attitude and through all your reports, photos and videos.

You will be missed by everyone.

Such a shock.


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Terrible news.

On the positive side he certainly made the years that he had on this earth count, and was an inspiration to many.


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28DL Full Member
Dreadful news, especially at this time of year, always enjoyed reading his escapades on here.
Sympathies to family and friends.


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RIP. Glad to have seen his work and that he put the extra effort into reports pictures and videos, an inspiration. A tragic loss but the life he lived certainly wasn't wasted.


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Terrible news indeed. I had a lot of respect for him but never really knew him. One of the most notable base jumpers in the world and he will surely be missed.

Does anyone have a link to his Best Of Video Part 1. I loved this vid and think it would be great for others to see if they haven't already.


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... Banner from SkyScraperCity site

In what little time I've been on 28DL, His reports are ones that I've always read. What an interesting life he led & many thanks to Him for sharing it.

God Speed, Downfallen
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