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Report - River Croal, And Arches Bolton - April 2015

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Ok wanted to do some underground for a long time and always spoke of it but never got round to it until now. Went to this with a mindset of the culvert sections and if the arches where possible we would etc. We took loads of equipment and of we went on a glorious sunny day. Once there we took a look around made our plans etc. And got booted up most sections where welly proof but some where not lol so had to change from time to time Was way to hot for full gear all the way so a rest bite was greatly appreciated. This was the first we had done had didn't know what to expect. So after walking through some fairly easy water it suddenly got a lot faster and the sound of what was like a waterfall. To be honest i crap myself thinking balls its going to drop. But we went on and indeed it does drop and was a bloody beautiful site. We noticed some handrails and decided to step down slowly not knowing how deep it was going to be but all turned out ok and onwards we went. It took quite a while to get through and needs a revisit to carry on some more up there. But was one hell of an adventure. The arches however where slightly disappointing a lot of hard work to get in only to spend 20 mins in there. However it was bloody brilliant everywhere else. Don't get me wrong the arches held a lot of history and some shots where great but them culverts stole the show lol. Hopefully Nickindroy will appreciate this one and give it a like lol. Anyhow enjoy all and hope you like the adventure has we did. Just let me say sorry for some pics cause dark was a understatement lol. And my cam did not like the pressure also trying to take a photo in rushing water was a whole new ball game.

Borrowed from paulpowers hope its ok
The River Croal is a river located in Greater Manchester, England. It is a tributary of the River Irwell.

Rising at the confluence of Middle Brook and Deane Church Brook, it flows eastwards through Bolton, collecting Gilnow Brook and the larger River Tonge at Darcy Lever. Most of the river is culverted through Bolton town centre, running under Knowsley Street; Market Place and Bridge Street. Before 1836 the River Croal formed the boundary between the townships of Great and Little Bolton.

The river's name is derived from the Old English croh and wella, the winding stream. It was possibly originally called the Middlebrook along its entire length as early references mention the Mikelbrok, (mycel and broc), the great stream but not the Croal.

It meets the Irwell at Nob End.

The arches history
Now this is the bit i am unsure about has its not anywhere i can find. So instead i will tell you this this the market place is being refurbished and there building a cinema inside but during all this the floor was removed and guess what was under it that's right more arches now its in the paper that they knew about them and the lower floor and there going to become shops but for now people can look down to them under the market place and see them. Unfortunately we cant currently go into them. But i did take a shot from the top to show you them. Now on with pics sorry there may be a few and some a little dark but have minimized what i can. Enjoy all.





Not sure but remember a 28 dayer profile pic had a hat like this sure it was snake oil or nickindroy anyhow checked and cant see it now maybe cause they left it in here lol.


Just an idea of how dark and hard it was to take a pic.


Sounds interesting but it was heaven lol.




















The last shot phew. Please dont be angry at amount of pics there is 2 places here and not enough from arches to separate them or pics to dark. Plus the pics i picked out hopefully show justice. I hope people enjoy this little gem. Thanks for looking.

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Forgot the pic of arches under market place. This section is not accessible due to being inside market place lol.

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Yes that's where that presto box was snake m8ty and some extremely big rat droppings. Also didn't put it up but I have a pic of a porn mag and loads of keys from down in the culvert. Amazing where people will go for a five knuckle lol.

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thats the foundations for the shopping centre above, we were shouting abuse at people stood at the bus stop on the other side of the vented bricks :D
lmao at this bet you had fun.

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Going to keep going further into this yet did quite a bit but can still go further just to see and the experience etc. Who knows what will turn up lol.

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Glad you enjoyed it m8ty. And thx for replying

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Lol yeah wellingtons are ok so far. Can't wait to test my new camera here

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Oh my God that would be amazing from there to preston oh my God all them underground and culverts awesome.


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Only had 'slight' welly fail you girl @dartian :gay- I might chuck my pics up. Did Worsley the other night - never been BALLS DEEP for so long before :D ................
@Ojay After doing St J's (finally), I can lay P*****n to rest. RIP

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