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Report - River Lavant Tunnel, Chichester - August 2013


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Here is an old explore I did last summer. Visited these tunnels a lot when I was a kid, know them like the back of my hand. The River Lavant is a winterbourne, ie a stream that runs underground during dry periods. Makes it very easy to explore the tunnels in summer.
I can't find much information on the tunnels, A shaky source suggests that they were built 18th century, which seems unlikely - another source places the construction at around 1890. The tunnels run directly through the east of Chichester, following the old foundations of the Roman wall on the east side of the centre - the Romans diverted the river to act as a moat for Chichester.
Easy peasy access, clearly on show, any Chichester resident can tell you exactly where to look.

Looking East. Not sure why it branches into two, both come out at exactly the same point.

Same point, looking West. Could hear traffic directly above, we were under a busy crossroads.

Started drizzling, this tunnel serves as a drainage as well as a river tunnel.

Not sure what this guy was doing there, we were a good 200m into the tunnel...

Not much else to say about this one really. Going to return this summer to do some light painting.


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Cheers, yeah, the Chichester area is pretty un-reported on 28dl, there's a fair bit of pretty good stuff around there though. I'm going to try to show as much of it as possible - there's some nearby old railway tunnels that are next on the list.

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did you know there are tunnels going from he bus station to the courts in chichester,,,the bus station use to be the police station and the tunnels were use for prisoner transfer from police station to court..the tunnels are still there... there are a few places around chichester worth exploring i live in the area.... thanks for the photos and a trip down memory lane..use to play in the tunels as a kid

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