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Report - River Rea, Birmingham - July 2016


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My shitty van had decided to overheat so I managed to limp it off the duel carriageway and I realized that I was just upp the road from this section of the River Rea.

I'm surprised this doesn't get more attention because it's a really nice bit of Victorian over-engineering.

The Rea rises in Waseley Hills Country Park, with the source well signposted from the car park there. The river drops about 70 metres (230 ft) in its first mile, but from then on has a very gentle slope. The river's tributaries include Callow Brook, the Bourne (which begins as Merritts Brook before joining Griffins Brook) and Bourne Brook. From Rubery, the river flows into Birmingham near the former Rover works at Longbridge, then flows through a tunnel under the A38. In Northfield, one of the river's few remaining fords is at The Mill Walk, near Hawkesley Mill Lane. After this, the river valley is also used by the railway to Kings Norton.

The river flows through Stirchley. It is now culverted for much of its course through Birmingham, during which it passes through the Pebble Mill area and Cannon Hill Park then Calthorpe Park. A pair of decorative arches on the bridge where Gooch Street crosses the river mark the first settlement of Birmingham. The medieval hamlet of Birmingham was built on a crossing on the Rea in what is now Digbeth. Many of the street names in the area refer to the river or its mills. These include Rea Street, Floodgate Street, River Street and Duddeston Mill Road. There are proposals to include a riverside walk and new bridge over the Rea at Digbeth's Custard Factory media and arts complex (now complete). There are also proposals for the river to be uncovered at the Warwick Bar area of Digbeth.













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Was in digbeth years and years back, actually seems nicer under Brum than topside...although I did hear they have done up the bullring?


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Great shots Paul!

The above ground areas following the course of the Rea downstream of Balsall Heath Road for the first mile or more are rather scummy places. Walking along the bed of the river is much more pleasant than can be said of the equivalent journey topside.


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Nice brickwork that.


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stil havent found time for this and its only up the road, last time i looked it was a raging torrent :(


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New to this so sorry if asking daft questions. Does this start at Wasely Hills itself? How far from the park to the tunnels?



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I remember a few good times down here, used to paint along it until my Mrs fell in to the rising river on a rainy day and she swore we would never go again

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