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Report - River Rea - Birmingham - May 2015


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Birmingham's River Rea doesn't appear to attract many visitors other than graffiti artists and heroin addicts (needles embedded in the seals between RCP sections) and whilst I'd been meaning to have look down there for the last 4 years or so, I just never got round to it and forgot about it.

However, the thought of it entered my mind again a month or so ago and with the better weather I decided to meet up with concreteJungle and check it out.

Like most culverts and drains, it's the sort of place you could spend all day investigating side tunnels and taking photos but we didn't have quite that long to spend.

The section we explored was between Highgate and Duddeston Mill which is where the vast majority of the interesting bits are:

View attachment 636953

View attachment 636954

View attachment 636955

View attachment 636956

View attachment 636957

View attachment 636958

View attachment 636959

It was just downstream from this more unusual piece of debris (which was still connected to the factory above) that a long stoopy box culvert joined the Rea which eventually led to 'Snot Jerusalem.

Further on at Floodgate Street there is a pedestrian footbridge across the river, under the railway bridge:

View attachment 636960

View attachment 636961

View attachment 636962

View attachment 636963

Down by Montague Street the river passes below another railway bridge before entering the longest culverted section during its course:

View attachment 636964

View attachment 636965

View attachment 636966

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View attachment 636969

View attachment 636970
That's The Dark Half Hour we use to walk this in 70s and 80s as young kids, everyone in Brum knows this

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