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Report - River Sherbourne, Coventry - July '15


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The River Sherbourne flows through of the city of Coventry. Historically, the river played a vital role in the founding and survival of the city. Coventry was founded on the banks of the River Sherbourne, from hamlets and villages, with the river providing fresh water and fish. The river is believed to have played a part in naming of the city. The river was originally called "Cune" (with "tre" meaning "town"). The name Sherbourne is said to originate from "Scir Burna" meaning "clear stream". In medieval times, it is said the river was the secret element of the dye "Coventry blue", a colour which no-one else could replicate (playing a part in Coventry's prosperity at the time).

The river starts in the fields around Hawkes End in the Parish of Allesley. It then flows south through Spon End, where it is spanned by "Vignoles Bridge", and the city centre. In the city centre it is hidden beneath our feet, culverted just before it reaches the Inner Ring Road and Spon Street, and through the suburb of Whitley. Just south of the A45 near Baginton, it flows into the river sowe, which goes on to join the River Avon near Stoneleigh.

Spoon End Bridge
The river was open and visable until the post war years, when Coventry was rebuilt following the damage the Luftwaffe had caused on Hitler’s orders (Particularly 14/15th November 1940) . The reconstruction of Coventry included a new city centre, over 4000 homes and a new cathedral. The plans to rebuild the city centre included culverting the stretch of the Sherbourne that straddled through the city centre in the late 60’s.

With Coventry city Council planning to improve the city centre, planners are looking to reopen the river to make the city more attractive. But anything could make Coventry more attractive.


After a couple of fails in Hinckley, we ended up in Leicester's ugly step-sister, Cov. We went to part on a road near the outflow to find that it was closed and every road in the area had permit parking. Looking for a spot to park, negotiating Coventry's streets and trying to direct Miss Mayhem in a different car(she doesn't follow instruction when you're sat next to her) creates a very stressful trip.
When we finally found somewhere to park, then waited 40 mins for Miss Mayhem & co to turn up after missing the turning, twice.
Nice easy walkthrough with minimal stoopyness. Exiting was an experience.













With time getting on, we needed to get out and head back to the cars. Only problem was, each side had 8ft walls and with strantons supreme agility, climbing wasn't an option. We got Miss Mayhem up, but she's a little smaller framed than the rest of us. As we were stood in the river discussing our options, two women appeared out a back door looking over the river. After a brief chat with them, they went back in and fetched us a ladder :thumb


:thumb Cheers for Looking :thumb


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Cracking pics there KM, sounds like it was a giggle too :thumb

The Wombat

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haha, love the stepladder De-Access :D
Good stuff; Missed out on this one


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28DL Full Member
:thumb Nicely done mate
Looks a nice mooch this one & sounds like you had fun .sorry I missed the long walk and had to wait till Saturday lol

Stranton would have been up there in a flash if there'd been an Ice Cream Van at the top ;)


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:thumb Nicely done mate
Looks a nice mooch this one & sounds like you had fun .sorry I missed the long walk and had to wait till Saturday lol

Stranton would have been up there in a flash if there'd been an Ice Cream Van at the top ;)
He still got his ice cream, despite running of without telling us where he was going.


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:thumb Did you head up any of the side pipes?
Unfortunately, with 5 people taking shots and how long it took to fine parking in this God forsaken town, we ran out of time. We're thinking of returning in a smaller group to investigate them. Is it worth it?

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