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Report - River St Building - Manchester -April '09 (again...)


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28DL Full Member

Long time reader first time poster and all that. Since my mate fucked off to Japan for a year to get freaky with the locals I've had no one to poke around places with. This, coupled with the fact that back in October I took a brief retirement on solo missions following a nasty fall in Upholland (you know where I mean...). I knacked my foot and the hobble to the car and subsequent drive to A&E dented my morale slightly.

"so how did you do this?"
"I...er....jumped....off a wall...."

Note to self: Don't be a dick, you are not spiderman, and you cannot jump from a roof onto a drainpipe and expect to slide down it nicely.

Nevertheless! On with the pictures and stuff. After driving past this place many a time I decided it was a perfect place to get started again. A confidence booster! Or something....

the top

craneish stiched stuff - clicks for bigness


some cliche is necessary

Plus points: I didn't get shanked, I didn't fall like a dick, my car didn't get stolen and the bemused look on a cyclist's face as I hopped back over the wall

Confidence boosted. Mission successful I guess?


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