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Report - RNCF Holton Heath, Dorset Oct 2016


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It's getting chilly! Few of us had a little bimble around RNCF Holton Heath at the start of October, after a long period of waiting, happy to finally get out there and have a look around.

Started off around the back of the Laboratories, where there's a brick outbuilding had a demolished ammo bunker/air raid shelter(?). Had a little bimble around the labratory buildings for a bit, and theres plenty to see. Proceeded to bush whack our way out of the lab complex until we found an old tunnel bunker probably used as an air raid shelter in WW2. Looks like bunks or shelves still in there, and looks like we found Dracula just in time for Halloween;)

After looking around the labs, and with sunlight fading, we decided to look for the massive 3,000,000 gallon reservoirs, so off we went back into the woods. On the way, we found another small tunnel bunker and a couple overgrown outbuildings, scaled a small hill which seemed more like a mountain and made it to the reservoir roof. Had a look inside the reservoir, walked in circles in the woods for half an hour then got back to our cars. Overall, it's a good site, would recommend.

Will post photos below if able.

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