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Report - RNPF/RAF Caerwent - May 2022


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Hi all,

My 1st report on this page and it's from RAF Caerwent which I visited on 02/05/2022 with my exploring friend after many weeks of planning to visit.

RAF Caerwent is a massive site and was built as a Royal Navy Propellant Factory for the manufacture and storage of explosives and ammunition from 1939 to 1993.

Currently the site is largely empty but there is an aggregates firm in the north west section, an airsoft play area towards the centre to eastern end and a large part of the site is still used for training purposes by the military and search and rescue services.
The site is also used for sets in various Films and TV series as well as some rallying.

The place is amazingly big and you really need two days to fully explore every thing, we explored most of the east, central and northern ends of the site which took us about 5 hours to cover.
The explore it's self was a pretty adrenaline filled one as there were miltary dressed folks driving around in vans checking different buildings ( don't know i they were securty or military training ), so we had a fair bit of ducking and diving between the many bunkered storage buildings to add to the fun of the day.

The buildings we explored are largely empty of equipment but most are seemingly in good condition, some building are several storys tall but all of the floors have been removed leaving huge spaces to be amazed by, a few of the buildings still had the original cranes, pipe work, steel blast doors and fuse boxes intact, there are also a few blast shelters intact

All in all it was a great explore with a good dose of adrenaline, some amazing buildings and the most amazing sound of birds singing, the site is almost like a nature reserve for birds, the chorus is loud and amazing the whole time.












Apologies for the not high quality shots, my phone is old and I can't stand still or straight to save my life!
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This is an amazing site. As you say many of the buildings are still intact with tiles, toilets, doors, etc, etc. apparently the sgt mess or officers mess is a slight to see
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