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Report - Road Trip - Belgium & Germany, July 2011.


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In July of 2011 Thompski, JamesUK, RaptorJesus and I have visit these neighbouring countries.

After a few months of planning, four intrepid ducks left the safety blanket of Northern England to cross the waters separating us from the Industrial wastelands of the Benelux lowlands and the Ruhrland.

Packed into James’ Fiesta like four smelly sardines, we made our way around Belgium, Holland and Germany consuming dereliction, sausages, Grimbergen, Red Bull, Chocomel, insanitymustard and lots and lots of Croissants.


Being in possession of a fairly comprehensive list of sites to visit, We made haste crossing from France straight into Belgium in the pouring rain we sped towards ECVB… Its hulk and chimney emerging from the drizzle and 5am fog, this enormous ex-power plant was a fine start to our trip.



Keen to clear up some sites on the way to the main destination of the Ruhr corridor, we stopped by at Ziekenhuis HH3 (thanks Harry for the pointeurs) only to be met by the entire contents of the building laying around on the lawns… Not to mention the angry Flemish contractors, one of which brandished a spanner and threats of a €200 fine… whatevs.

Crossing into Germany the Kent Schule was next, fucked by all accounts but apparently retaining a wonderful chapel… which was locked up to the hilt. A little wander round, an encounter with some Euro-Hipsters and then straight back on the road, hocked right up on Chocomel, Redbull and turbosenf.



First of the Zeches was dear Hugo and also our first Cage Raum. It was nice to finally see the place after the umpteen reports and rounded up our first night/day nicely... Chimay, Lidl, BBQ, Wursts - Funkyzeit.



Next day and first up was Zeche KP or whatever letters were assigned to it, we’d unfortunately missed the Badehaus, which had been demolished, however it did retain quite a large amount of its workings including two stocks and a rather lovely winding house. We tried the newer of the two stocks to no avail, Thompski & RJ climbed the older stock whilst James and I (and half of the town) watched from a Lidl car park sipping Mullermilch...




Zeche Ewald, preserved as a tourist site in part, another tantalisingly big A frame headstock, a brick stock and a smaller frame stock remained. Too many families and EuroChavs about in their daft cars to attempt access... one for next time.


A lickle bitta Industrial Tourism at Zollverein.


Random Mega Shed HYZDHF - James and RJ pictured as little specks.


Zeche L, a bit of a wild card, not expecting much from it and it being the last on the list for the day, we tramped around trying to find access. Almost being thwarted by a worker checking the sub-stations and workings of the Gas siphoned power plants on site. Huge, intact cage rooms, electricity still on, probably my no.1 site of the trip.




Back to base for a fire and more wursts, waking the next morning in the midst of a massive fucking downpour. We interned ourselves in McDonalds/McCafe?? for half the morning working out a a new plan of action which settled on us fucking off back to Belgium to pick up the rest of the list there.


Montzen Gare - Odd. Two Clog chavs taking pictures of their souped up Jap deathboxes.


Chateau Miranda - Fucked and being used for filming something... Was told it was “Interdit†lots of times “Boff Monsieeoer, Jee m’appelle Onglaisâ€



SNCB Graveyard.



Forges de Clabeqc - In demo, crews and security on the site.


A night halt on the outskirts of Brussels...


Then on to Sanitorium Salve Mater - Rather nice, full of interesting little bits.