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Report - Robert Flechers (Joiners Shop) Greenfield 2018


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Robert Fletcher and its mill just below Dove Stone has been an integral part of the area for many years and has directly affected the management of the reservoirs. Before it went into receivership, it was the sole manufacturer of cigarette paper and the water from the hills was essential to that process. Even before Dove Stone reservoir was built water was collected by a series of pipes from the Chew Valley area.

The mill has been stationed here for over 200 years with Robert Flecher & Son commencing the business of cigarette paper manufacturing in 1921. At its height, it employed 1000 people to run seven paper machines.

By 1986 the company was making a loss and was purchased by the Melton Medes Conglomerate who turned the company around and started to make a profit once again. However by 2001 the company was once again failing and the decision was made to close the other mill it owned, Stoneclough Mill. Some people were transferred to the Greenfield mill, but the company could not sustain the increasing losses and it was forced into receivership.

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Luke vaughan

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Wow so much machinery left inside but I don’t get why the owners didn’t auction all the machines off as they would of got considerable amount of money back from it