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Report - Robin Hill, Virginia Water - January 2019


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My name is SirCharcoal and I'm an explorer from Surrey, and would like to share a new place onto the forum. Forgive me if this post is not all the best (first time posting), but I'm proud to be able to post what seems to be a brand new location onto the forums. Most of the following photos are from my last trip there (January 2019). If this post gives away too much or has any other issues, let me know and I'll amend it.


My favourite thing about this place is its relatively close proximity to other places such as Seven Pines and Longcross Manor. Unfortunately, at the present time, there seems to be no ways inside the actual building anymore due to boards being placed in all the lower windows and doorways, though this may always be possible in the future, and I have a couple of files of the inside attached from August 2018 in the mix.

Robin Hill is a large mansion on a very large plot of land. It is a modern building with many rooms and a mostly empty indoor pool, boasting many bedrooms, bathrooms, a lounge, reception area, a sauna, a DIY room and some modern furniture.

Site History

Looking around for planning permission on the internet, it seems that, similar to Longcross Manor, the owner of this property did not get what he fully wanted out of planning permission for the site and so just left the property hanging around empty since (roughly) 2008/9. I believe at one point the place was going to get demolished, and may in the future, so make the most of it while it's still here.

My only negative note is that the site seems to contain asbestos in the upper floors. While this seems to be dormant, it is worth mentioning.

The Explore

(If you know what you are doing), this is generally a very easy to get into site and a very relaxing explore once you get there. The plot of land is so large it takes a while to look through it all. The area is quiet and there is a few scattered old sheds found around the site's huge garden. My cousin and I have explored this site many times since the summer. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of these sheds (yet), and not many of the inside, but for a new member, I'm excited to post a report of a (to my knowledge), never posted before residential site onto the forums. I will be performing another explore on this site, and others, in the coming months.

Photos - The Inside (Taken August 2018)





Photos - The Outside (Taken January 2019)













- SirCharcoal
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I found this recently, went and had a look, no access yet, although I didn’t look worth it inside anyway. Completely gutted. Nice cool place though, would make a lovely house again.
Very interesting rooms inside actually, especially near the pool. Unfortunately have only got those four pictures. But yeah, probs will be another access into the site in the future.

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