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robin hood hotel, newark?


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Anyone any opinions on this, or would be up for meeting to check it out? I've not really done any urbex before and wouldn't be too keen on going in somewhere on my own... also I'm not really sure how accessible/dangerous, or even worthwhile, it would be. Can old pubs/hotels be interesting?
Anyone who's more experienced could offer any opinion on whether it's likely to be hard to get into, dangerous, and boring, or an easy to get into goldmine, much appreciated.
This is it on streetview
and googling its name reveals a few recent reports that it is soon going to be turned into a travelodge, but there are no signs of demolition yet.


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It used to have some nice paneling, stairs and banisters. Not a goldmine but might be interesting. Go and have a look and you can tell us if it's worth it. :thumb