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Question - ROC Bunker near the rollrights


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28DL Full Member
Just a question was there a old roc bunker near the kings stone at rollright.? the reason i ask is because i was there to day and under the bramble was the ruins of what i thougt might have been the enbtrance tower to a bunker any infornation on this would be appreciated please see below some pics of the tower and some concrete debri i might be wrong but the experts on here will surely know he actual tower looked like it was painted militry green to begin with and then at a later date airforce blue i could tell this by the way the paint was peeling.





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28DL Full Member
Your first photo is the top of the entrance hatch lying on it's side
thankyou i thought it was the hatch but wasnt 100% sure i didnt no there was one there though when was it demolished?


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I'm not sure. I visited the site around 20 years ago and it was already demolished.

It's possible that one of the ROC 'experts' at SubBrit would know so maybe use the contact form to ask?

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