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Report - ROC On The Cheap...


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi all

I have been fortunate in the last year or so to pick up most ROC equipment for next to nothing but recently the price has gone sky-high and restoring a post is becoming a very expensive thing to do.

So, what if you want to restore a post but don't have the money to buy the equipment......??


I decided to have a go making my own replicas, mostly out of boredom and also to see how easy/hard it wold be.

First up is the FSM dome.


Its made from paper-mache and it took about 8 layers to get it solid, if I was to make another one I would use thinner paper to get it smoother. Its not perfect I know but I am still happy with it.

Currently drying in the conservatory is my replica Tele-Talk, that will make its debut tomorrow.