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Report - ROC post Upton Magna (open), Shrewsbury, March 2021


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This roc post opened in 1965 and closed in 1991, from what i can find it was a master post.

The explore

So i was out riding my bike as it was a lovely day so i just cycled and cycled, before i knew it i was lost so stopped to check on my map where i was. I looked upon this field and noticed this green brick thing just there in the field. I guessed what it was so i went and had a look. I saw that someone has put a padlock on it so assumed that it was locked. I had a look and noticed that the hinges wasn't attached so i tried the lid and it opened.


I took the light off my bike and down i went


I saw this at the very bottom and i assume it's what they used to pump water out


I turned around and saw the toilet, mad looking thing but i guess it done what they needed it to


The main post bit


I saw this cool noticed up on the door


A view from the other side of the post


And i saw this label on a box and i thought it was well cool


It was only a quick visit but worth going down and i enjoyed thinking about the history of these places and what they was here for.

Thanks for looking
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Tried this last summer and didn't seem to be open, nice to see inside!

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Thats a decent ROC, your bike light did a good job of lighting, photos are good. Nice one :thumb

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