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Question - ROC Restoration Opportunity - Planning Application


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Good Afternoon all

I am a planning consultant acting for a landowner in Devon. He currently has a planning application for the redevelopment of the land within which there is a ROC Post in good condition. Our project has left an opportunity to redevelop the ROC Post as a tourist attraction and enhance the asset.

The Local Council dispute that the ROC Post is a tourist asset and will not support its enhancement however we know that enthusiasts who share our enthusiasm for this valuable asset regularly visit the underground post. My client has seen a number of your projects to renovate the ROC Post in North Yorkshire and its use as a tourism attraction.

I write this post as a call to arms for those who value ROC Posts and wish to see them restored and valued in the UK. We would love to work with you to renovate the Post or ask you to write into support the planning application. We will also be submitting more information to Council demonstrating the value and tourist potential for the bunker which we would love your input on.

If you wish to find out more about our project or assist us with renovating the ROC Post, please do email me at paul.harwood@avisonyoung.com

We are a national and leading leisure planners who specialise in tourism and heritage. I have attached some photos of the post that may peak your interest.

Kind Regards

P Harwood



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Might be worth contacting these people

Your biggest problem will be finding all the missing bits,it should look like this


Bikin Glynn

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Good luck with that, if I was close Id help but unfortunately Im as far away as can be


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Hi Paul

Not sure if you are aware of this ROC post in Lepe Country Park in Hampshire. They received a lottery grant to restore it and installed a 365 degree periscope so that visitors could view inside from above. Certainly a great draw for visitors, whether enthusiasts or not.





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My apologies all, I have only just seen this error.

If you go on this search facility on the Councils Planning Site https://publicaccess.torridge.gov.uk/online-applications/

Please enter the reference number 1/1185/2021/FULM this will take you to the live planning application. We are in the process of providing a second planning statement justifying that there the on site facility could provide for lots of tourism opportunities.

The application will also be likely heard at a live planning committee. We welcome your support!

Thanks for the extra information The_Construct !

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