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Report - ROC - South Woodham Ferrers - OPEN - 07/12/11


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South Woodham Ferrers ROC Post (OPEN) & BAe Systems "Radar Hill" 07/12/11

Easy parking at the north side of the hill (Workhouse Lane)
Hatch was not locked but had bricks placed on top due to damage on the hinges and counterweight mechanism that caused the lid to pop open.


A message left by a previous ROC enthusiast:

Upon entering the post i was surprised by the condition, the cupboards and some basic equipment remained. Polystyrene insulation tiles were still on the walls but the beds and most of the electronics were missing. Battery selection box, lighting and timer (for lights) were still in place and the timer was still ticking.



There was lots of litter down there (and a china candle holder?) Some of it dated from 1990 - 2001, along with a school book (from the local school?)

The post was not at all flooded and the pump still seemed to be functional, the wooden floor was mostly intact too apart from around the entrance.

Coming back up the hatch

Other notes:
Damage to hatch (padlock loops broken off, right side hinge broken)
FSM sealed
Ventilation shaft in bad condition

After the ROC we went onto Radar Hill (A still functioning radar test site owned by BAe systems, previously Marconi) which is visible when facing the inside of the open ROC hatch:

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a fairly nice security guard who made sure we weren’t up to no good (and declined us a guided tour) and confirmed that radar hill was indeed intended for use as a testing site for military equipment
We did not take any photos but there are some fantastic ones here: http://www.tweakerzine.com/radarhill


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I explored this as a kid. Have known it to be there for a long time, but I thought it was sealed up now.


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Is there a second one with a round base near by too ? ...


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Is there a second one with a round base near by too ? ...
Doubt you'll get a reply here. This was posted in 2011 and the user hasn't been online since 2015.
As for the other comment, that user hasn't been online since 2016.

Maybe go have a look and you will find or refer to the ROC guides that are readily accessible.

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