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Report - Roche rock-Cornwall Chapel - July 2020


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28DL Full Member

Hello there, the other day we visited Roche Rock in Cornwall. It’s not too far from St Austell, a place full of quarries I may have to visit while I’m down here;).
Anyway, Roche Rock is a chapel on top on a giant rock that became the home to a group of holy men wanting to banish demonic forces from the place in Cornwall when Christianity first hit the area and, during the Middle Ages, the place was feared and associated with ghosts, demons and witches and there are even stories connecting it to the story of Noah’s Ark surprisingly!
However, it became less of a hobo hole when the chapel was upgraded in the 15th century.Over the years it decayed and then we came. They place can be entered by a ladder. The decay has made it look better than it probably was in the day and it was a pretty simple visit.
We also found a covered mineshaft in a place called Golitha falls afterwards but couldn’t get in.


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