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Report - Rochester Cement Works + Genie's First Exploration, Kent 02/05/10


I should have danced all night
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Visited with Banana, Raddog and Speed.

Apart from this grand and Pleural cancer-inducing trip to Rochester Cement Works, our bank holiday was a bit of a fail day with so many of our leads ending up as dead ends. But that's the way the cookie crumbles according to folklore so days like this are to be expected now and again.

The day started with me taking an hour to locate my car in the maze that is Hanover. "Excuse me? Have you seen a little caramel coloured tricycle around here?" "Erm no...sorry..." Well I eventually found her sandwiched between a couple of Jeeps and began my rather draughty and bumpy drive to Rochester in my little plastic pig. We only stalled three times on the way there but as we were driving towards the Dartford crossing, she decided to do a bit of "Dangerous Parking" on the M25. The other motorists were not amused! Speed shunted her into the hard shoulder for her to cool down before she eventually started again with us all taking turns to drive her to Enfield for a rest.

We checked out a few more cinemas before finally throwing in the towel and heading back home. It was still a wicked day and great to get my baby on the road and out exploring :thumb

Zoooooooooooooom! Speed's photo of her "whizzing" past.

Genie sandwich


























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