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Report - Rockwood Pigments , Matlock - Mar 19

Bikin Glynn

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Been done to death I know but this place had more to offer than I expected so thought it worth a post.

Wont go into history too much as its been done & frankly I cant be bothered, but essentially this place used to use the power of the river Derwent to grind up iron ore & later various chemicals for different uses.

This was number 4 explore of the day & was really unplanned. I noted it driving up to permanite & thought well why not.
The nearside of the river was rammed with people watching the kayaking so at first it seemed a bit dodgey, but no one seemed to care as they watched me taking pics.
The later was quite handy because the canoe club had kindly opened the gate so the could exit the river in the grounds of this place so it was really easy & relaxed.

Anyway heres what I got

Was good to fine a wee cave in there too. I was on my own but had to have a look, it dosent go far!

& of course its prob the only place you can see an abandoned cable car!