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Report - ROF 35 Wrexham - Aug 2011 -


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28DL Full Member
Hi there and welcome to my first Report.

This is an update to a previous post on the site just so you folks can see the sort of condition it is now in since the last upload, as i doubt the history will of changed much :eek:






Any idea of what tanks would of been on these ? Water tanks or Diesel Fuel for the Narrow-Gauge Railway that was in use ?



A Big SubStation or BackUp Generator may of been here ?





This is what looked to of been a Toilet Block ?



Could this of been a Switch Gear room ?



I lightened this image a bit, so you could see how high up the water level was in the pit, It looked to be about 6foot deep, Atleast!!


Does anyone know of this is another Toilet Block, or a Pill Box ?


There is still much for me to explore here, This was only a small portion of what i found, i didn't stay too long, as i was on my own, and the place started to creep me out a little:(:(

Hope you enjoyed my first report, i didnt include the history, as the site was done 2 years ago..

I do hope to go back again if anyone would be interested in joining me ? :D:D
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