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Report - ROF Bishopton - June 2010


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The problem with obsessively mapping a site is you find the interesting places you missed :) So, while my three main visits got most of the interesting stuff, there were a few things that eluded me - so back, at night, to see them...

First, the giant 15" Rocket Propellant press - the largest used, based on a design pinched from the Germans after WW2:


At the side, the rolled "cheeses" of propellant were loaded, then extruded into charges:


Next, a paste mixing and sheeting house, where the nitroglycerine and nitrocellulose were first mixed and sheeted out for drying:


Finally, the continuous nitration building - the most dangerous part of the factory, the nitration buildings where were the raw nitroglycerine was made - they often blew up. This continuous nitration process was safer than the old batch nitration process, but it's still inside a very solid earth and concrete berm.




My Flickr set has the hundreds of pictures from the other visits...

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