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Report - ROF Bishopton, panoramic exploringness - Mar. 2011


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I've reported on the massive Royal Ordnance explosives factory at Bishopton before: here, here, here, here and here. Last time I checked, I've taken over 3000 pictures there - I might be a bit obsessed. Anyhow...


I finally worked out how to stitch lots of images together properly and make an explorable panorama - great for letting you see all around somewhere :) Click on the pictures to open the panoramas -they're QuickTime files, and they're about 4Mb each. Then just use your mouse to drag the view about...


These four are from the Factory I nitrocellulose section at ROF Bishopton.



This last one is from the ball powder section - I didn't take the images quite correctly, so it looks a bit odd if you look up or down :)


It's a bit of a faff to lug the tripod and panoramic head about, and take a couple of dozen images per panorama, but I'm now thinking of doing it for more places, places where it's nice to be able to look around...


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