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Report - ROF heapey feb 2013


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The site here was built as a storage facility for the near by ammunitions factory in Chorley. The site remains in use by BAE Systems.

Theres numerous derelict buildings dotted around, including an old farm house and barns, pillboxes, what seems to be a train work shop, parts of the old train line and some buildings which are still in use as offices and a canteen. The 3 large steel doors the provide entrances to the underground bunkers which seem to go back into the hills.
The site is littered with CCTV, whilst some area seem like a complete ghost town, others seem very occupied.

Theres a lot of speculation about what goes on in the bunkers and quite a bit of rumour online. There are supposedly reports of military police moving people on from the area and rumours of there being trains stored in the bunkers for the 'strategic reserve'. Other reports go on to say that the steel doors are actually entrances to tunnels which run from this site to the ROF in Leyland and they were used to transport munitions from factory to store. How much of these are true, I dont know.

Not a lot i can add to that ...... was told about this place so thought id take a look .... first thing was a few farm buildings, an old train workshop then the BIG security fence that has signs of recent repair [but not bolted zip tied in place lol ] .... a nice security camera on the fence line and also on the bunker doors
Looked at all 3 bunkers but batt on the phone went flat .... yes phone so sorry about the photos....
Dont be fooled this site is active bae systems is still here few cars and trucks parked up and the aircon in the security hut was running but didnt see any 1





Im watching u

1 of many fire hydrants


Some 1 is keeping this place clean

rrrrrr hello baby


All 3 bunkers had an earth pole 1 of them had been cut down

Gas lamps every were

Last but not least a pill box right on top of the bunkers with a great view of the security office and the hill side

was a great day


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