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I'm a filmmaker looking to make a short documentary about rooftopping. The film portrays rooftopping as an urban extreme sport by comparing it to mountain climbing.

I'm looking for roof-toppers in the London area who would be willing to participate in the film. Please contact me if you're interested.

Email: InnesCas@gmail.com


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All looks a bit bloody dangerous to me mate. What sort of health and saftey policy do you have?

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I'm not sure how you can compare it to mountain climbing, not many mountains with a lift or flight of steps to the summit.

I'd love to see how you'd make catching a lift to the summit look like an extreme sport, possibly the lift scene from the Blues Brothers as inspiration?

As to making walking up many flights of stairs look extreme may I suggest watching Monty Python climbing the North Face of Uxbridge Road, it is possibly one of the most extreme climbing videos I have ever seen.


OK you get not a bad view from the top of a high rise building, that's why many have viewing platforms for the public or a restaurant on the top floor. Not exactly extreme though :thumb