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Report - Rooftopping The Cutlers' Hall & Coles Corner, Sheffield - October 2014


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Rooftopping The Cutlers' Hall & Coles Corner, Sheffield - October 2014

Thought I'd better cobble together a quick report from a recent night out in the city with ***********. I've not been posting much recently, but that doesn't mean I've been out of the game ;)

This series of rooftops basically completes a set, meaning we've covered practically all of Fargate on both sides. It's all low-rise stuff, but offers some sweet views and plenty of nice features to crawl all over.

The Cutlers' Hall

Cutlers' Hall is a Grade II* listed building in Sheffield, England, that is the headquarters of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire. It is located on Church Street opposite Sheffield Cathedral.
The Hall's front is of the Corinthian order. Behind the classical façade is an intricate series of rooms which reach back almost as far as Fargate. There is a selection of old Hallamshire knives on show inside the hall, some of which go back to the Elizabethan era. Many of the knives were discovered by Thames mudlarks in the tidal mud of the River Thames in London. Also on display is the Norfolk Knife, a very large pocket knife with 75 blades which was made by Joseph Rodgers and Sons at their Norfolk Street Works in Sheffield for the Crystal Palace Great Exhibition of 1851.
Today, the building is used for many of the grandest events in the city's civic and commercial life, for instance the annual Cutlers' Feast which became an annual event in 1648. As of 2008 there have been 372 Cutlers' Feasts with breaks only for the World Wars and a cancellation in 1921.




Coles Corner

Coles Corner is the name given to the corner of Fargate and Church Street in Sheffield, England in sight of the cathedral. It was the site of the old Cole Brothers department store before they moved to Barker's Pool in 1963. A modern building was built on the site of Coles Corner and has been occupied by Midland Bank and various retailers over the years, it currently houses HSBC, Starbucks Coffee, Vodafone and The Carphone Warehouse. The top floor is occupied by an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO), staffed by personnel from all three services. The name is still remembered by many Sheffielders of a certain age as the place to meet one's date. A plaque put up by the Rotary Club now marks the spot and ensures its history is not forgotten.
Coles Corner has since been immortalised in a song and album by Sheffield singer Richard Hawley.




As I said, just a quickie really. Props to *********** for spotting our route. Really enjoyed this one :thumb

Cheers :)


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Nice ones mate :thumb

Looks like you both had another fun night :)

I was expecting a Sunrise one as well though ;)

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