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Report - Rooftops & Cranes in London - Sept' & Oct' 2011


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I've got quite a back log of various rooftops and cranes from over the past month or so - so instead of making an individual report for all of them (some aren't worth a full report) I'll make a longer report here.

This report won't contain anything I've previously reported on in both public and members.

Lombard Street.

Visited with Half-Life.
I can't find much about this site, but from what we found in the basement I would assume it was a bank at some stage.
It's now being demolished and has a small blue crane through the middle.



And in the basement: There was an L shaped corridor with lots of both small and large rooms leading off - these were seperated with cages and big doors. At either end of the corridor was a Chubb door.

Brettenham House - 1 Lancaster Place.

Visited with Ratfink & Half-Life.
This building is situated on the north side of Waterloo Bridge, and offers some impressive views down the river.
We noticed access while stocking up in a nearby Tesco - so made our way up in time for sunset.
We also spotted another explore across the road.. Two small cranes anchored to a rooftop. We were to return, and will be further down this report.


Note the two rooftop cranes:


Eagle House - Tower Crane.

Visited with Analepsis.
An often overlooked part of site - the tower becoming a bit of a tourist attraction.
Security had made an attempt to secure the crane over the first three levels, with makeshift hatches and hoarding - which lead to an interesting access going up, then down, then up, then down, then up... (I'm sure you get the picture) to get around the various security measures.




Kings Reach Tower.

Visited on two occasions with Ratfink & Half-Life.
This isn't the highest rooftop I've had the pleasure of standing on, but at 31 stories it's definitely one of the best.
This was visited during the Summer. I decided to not write a full report on this due to the amount already on here.




NEO Bankside.

Visited with Half-Life.
A luxury 2&3 room apartment complex going up behind the Tate Modern. At between £1-5million each, I certainly won't be living there.
Originally I wasn't going to bother doing this one, as I thought the views would be too similair to the KRT, but since we were passing through we thought it'd be rude not to. And actually I'm glad I did.




Urbanest - 52 Minories.

Visited with Ratfink.
An 11storey student accomodation block near Tower Hill - with prices starting at £150 per week, for a room no bigger than your average bathroom. The view wasn't anything special, but it was something in the area to finish the day on.
Ratfink has already reported on it - HERE.



Double Red Crane Rooftop.

Visited with Half-Life.
First spotted from Brettenham House - we decided to finally get it done last weekend.
The plan was to take one crane each, but an incident in the street opposite meant Police presence and a taped off street. The crane on the right was too visible to them, so we stuck to just climbing the left crane, closest to Brettenham House. By the time the Police had gone it was nearing 3am, and we decided to call it a night there.




Adelaide House.

Visited with Ratfink and One Flew East.
Unfortunately we were spotted on cctv going up this one - and we were joined by the City of London Police. Which was a shame, as we'd had our eye on this for a while, and the views were some of the best. This was the last in a night full of consitent captures. :(



Thanks for looking.

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