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Report - Rose Bank Mill, Stubbins - Feburary '16


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Okay, so this is my first report in... over a year and a half. I recently got a full frame gear upgrade (left to right)so I thought I'd my fellow Manchester based, Merseyside ex-pat, @sim2lew a bell and go for a wander in the Irwell Valley.


We wandered through Ramsbottom and went to look at the choo-choos.


After having a cheeky pint in the local pub we headed up the hill and had a walk towards Edenfield and ultimately the mill.

From The View From The North blog:

Built in 1801 Edenwood mill has been empty since 2001.In the early part of the last century the factory was extended and developed as a dyeing facility for Turnbull and Stockdale Limited, to compliment their weaving, bleaching, printing and distribution activities.

Today the empty mill could be given a new lease of life with plans to transform it into 25 luxury apartments which would mean the mill chimney and part of the red brick buildings being demolished. The apartments are expected to range from £250,000 to £400,000
It was also graced with a pair of air raid shelters which probably has something to do with the surronding area being being a Luftwaffe target and military training area during the second world war.

The mill also has a more tragic, recent history.

As you can guess, that didn't happen.

We headed up towards the mill to be greeted by this:


We carried on up the lane and had a look around the site. We eventually found are way in and were greeted by two inches of mud. Gone are the lovely floors, only to be replaced by what I assume are the results of the boxing day floods. I can only assume that the floors have been compromised by years of neglect and in combination with the flood mud, the whole thing was very sketchy.

Being the wise soul I am(!), I came up with a plan: With a solid stick in hand I'd bash the floor ahead were I was walking and if it could take that and my monstrous bulk, Lew should be fine. With this in mind we proceeded slowly and with care not to acquire any traumatic injuries.


The place is fucked. Not a single pane of glass remains intact in the place and I think it'd struggle to spontaneously combust like other disused buildings.


The simple fact of the matter is there isn't a whole lot to see here. There's some unremarkable graffiti and the fallen floors.




The iron supports and glazed bricks are quite nice, giving the spectral impression of the glory days lost. In sharp relief against the decay, they're a somewhat sad and poignant ghost.


We met a dead end on the ground floor and decided to see what the upstairs held.


It appeared to be Death stalking us.


Some brave/foolish [delete as appropriate] graffers have made the journey at some point but their results are barely visible from the safety of concrete floor.


The stuff that is visible is alright but not what I came here to look at.


There was a third floor but given how much it looked like the industrial manifestation of Death, we gave it a miss.



There wasn't anywhere we could really go to on the first floor, so we headed down.


Not before Lew noticed the chimney visible through and ex-roof.


Losing the light and with the Missus wanting to know what time I'd be home, we wandered back into Stubbins and realising we'd crossed into Rossendale, had to walk the road until the GMPTE bus stops appeared again. Job done. We headed back through Bury and onto our respected adobes.


Thanks for looking! :thumb



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Nice report, drove past here a few times and debated going in but looked nothing more than a shell.


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Yeah, if you look at historical photos the shelters appear around the second world war. I did think air raid shelter when I saw it.


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Considering how trashed it is you got some lovely shots :thumb

the darkside

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Some really nice images there but as said, place looks well knackered!


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One of my first ever explores this, doesn't look much different now tbh but then again it was fooked then!
Less than a week after I visited they found a chap hanged in here :eek:

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