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Report - Rossendale Hospital, Lancashire July 2011


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Continuing a tour of hospitals...no I havent been put off by silly allegations on my visit to St Georges... :p I decided on a trip down south to check out Rossendale.
It didnt get off to a good start, by having a flat tyre on the M62 at nearly 2am :eek: but we soldiered on and it turned out to be a canny day out I thought...
This was the first of 3 sites visited while down there, no sleep and many thanks to Stranton for funding the trip..and the cost of a tyre when the garage opened the following morning... oh, and for providing us all with coffees and bacon sarnies while we 'dried out' from the deluge of rain that engulfed us.. Yes, I was sat in a coffee shop soaking wet, with boots off and trying to dry my pink socks, much to the bemusement of staff and "normal coffee goers" that morning...
The visit here was made so much easier with thanks to a very good friend of mine (non-member on here) who was worth his weight in gold that day on finding a much easier 'way out' of Rossendale and being a general 'look out' :)

I found a few bits of info on this place via a local newspaper... but I wont mention the name as its not a particularly good newspaper and isnt worth the mention, as it tends to get its facts WRONG quite often :rolleyes:

Rossendale originally opened as a workhouse in 1868 and changed into an infirmary, then a hospital in the 1930's. Closed in 2010, services are now transferred to a new primary care centre in Bacup Road.
I can find nothing in the way of updates of planning for the site, but judging by the conditions inside, something needs to be done as the place is going downhill fast... which is surprising for a hospital closed only last year.

Didnt take as many photos as I could, (or decent ones) but hey, it was 4.30 in the morning with no sleep, a flat tyre and travelling down the motorway at max 50mph, with a frigging 'space saver' tyre getting overtaken by all and sundry (I was half expecting a 3 wheel van to overtake, or even a grandad in a segway....) weary? you betcha... and this was only the first of 3 to visit...



I loved this picture..was looking at it for ages while relaxing on a 'bean bag' chair at other side of the room.




Looked like a lonely chair orgy going on in there to me.. hence me snapping it :p