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Report - Rossendale Hospital Morgue, June 2012

The Kwan

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So the idea was to visit Rossendale Hospital and then the another venue however the second venue was locked down tighter than tight and after getting covered in vandal grease we gave up.

However, the Hospital was not much better we got into the morgue building and was taking pictures when after 10 minutes we heard a dog barking and people running and people shouting so fearing the worst we locked ourselves in the morgue viewing room only to hear the footsteps and barking go right past the morgue so after 10 minutes we decided to GTFO...so who was being chased at Rossendale Yesterday..anyway thanks for the heartstopper.

some pics..thankyou to Tweek and Royalbob for the intel on both venues.

I was with Maybenot 1330 and squeezethegap...some video before we got interrupted.

The hospital courtesy of Google

Not many images i am afraid but we didnt fancy doing the rest of the hospital with such hightened security

The fridge

Two gurneys, one in the morgue and one in the viewing room..not HDR just lifted in lightroom

Maybenot insisted on being the mortician but I wasnt taking my kit off :)

More fridge

The viewing room, I had second thoughts about fucking around in the morgue but was derelict and probably will soon be the site of someones living room

Business even in death

so few pictures but we were disturbed....it is derped into shitsville for sure.


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