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Report - Rosslynlee Hospital, Midlothian - May & June 2018


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Rosslynlee has always been high on my list when I've gone back up north to see my folks over the past few years. It's been quiet for so long because of the live in security. Knowing the development is due to start soon I have been on a mission to cover the whole place and give the crusty old girl one last dance before she is turned into posh wanky flats like so many of our once beloved asylums have been in recent years. I visited 3 times by myself in May and got into a few bit but two of the visits were outright fails despite hours of climbing about etc. I was back in June with prettyvacant71 and she was as determined to get it done as I was. I had a few ideas already, ones that I didn't try last time, so it was nice to have someone I trust keep hold of my camera bag and tripod while I attempted these points.

We managed to get pretty much everything covered despite patches of drama the 3 times we went.

We got into the morgue and chapel pf rest first, then got lucky with access to main, but after having a wander around inside for a while we decided to leave because of the group of neds smashing windows. We returned early the next day knowing access was easy. Within hours we found ourselves sealed in. PV being the queen of faff that she is was taking ages shooting the main hall from every single possible angle so I decided to wander on. I didn't get far before I heard footsteps in front of me and caught a glimpse of the live-in caretaker coming up the stairs struggling to carry what I assume was a board to repair a window. I dashed back to find PV, who was nowhere to be seen. A frantic text was sent to give her the heads up and off I fucked knowing a game of cat and mouse would ensue. PV ended up getting caught and turfed out, whilst I stood in the pitch black with no shoes on because the crunch of broken glass would have been a give away, the whole time having no signal on my phone. Once he passed me a few times and I'd had about 20 mins of silence I tiptoed upstairs and got the message from PV saying she had been kicked out and for me to just crack on and get the place done, then another one saying her camera had been blown over and her lens had been smashed! Then the fun started, finding a way out knowing I was sealed in! Luckily I managed so off we went to Edinburgh for a new lens. By this point I was sick of the sight of the place but determined to finish what I had started. We got back in once again and got back to work. It was a great feeling to have finally covered the place in detail knowing all the hard work and the many hundreds of miles driving in total had been worth it.

This one is going to be a bit image heavy. Security measures are set to be increased and the building sealed tighter with metal sheets before the development work starts. I really hope some more explorers get to see the place before it is too late.


Rosslynlee Hospital was founded in 1874 under its original name of Midlothian and Peebles Asylum (1874 - 1948) then changed its name to Rosslynlee Mental Hospital (1948-60). Set in 64 acres of land, it was a psychiatric hospital until late 2010 and eventually closed early 2011 as it was deemed surplus to requirements due to the construction of the New Midlothian Community Hospital at Mayshade, Eskbank which was completed in September 2010.

Rosslynlee Hospital is a Category C Listed Building and used to house a closed community of up to 500 patients within its extensive grounds.


The Morgue and Chapel of Rest:

Maintenance Workshops:

Glass and Window Repair:



Female Wing (taken in May):




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Documents relating to a military exercise that took place inside after closure with a few of the red paint loaded rubber bullets that were scattered about:


Another hall:

A few bits from the doctors offices and admin at the main entrance:



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It does look really nice this, it has to be said. Very extensive report too, nice one!
It was lovely to see somewhere so nicely decayed yet not vandalised, a rarity in the uk for a hospital that closed so long ago!


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What a beauty - and that chair that's been overwhelmed by fungus is something else!!