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Report - Rotherfield ROC Post - October 2018

jack watkins

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  • opened - April 1963
  • closed - October 1968
My visit
This post took absolutely forever to find and a lot of asking about. originally being reported as being demolished this post was located and recognised as being extant in 2008 however the grid reference was never corrected. I wont publicly post the new grid reference as I would be concerned about the effect it may have on the little area the post is located in but i will say subbrits is well over 1.5 miles from the actual location. This really makes you wonder how many posts reported as demolished may actually exist and remain unlocated due to inaccurate grid references. The post itself is in good condition right next to a well preserved orlit b aircraft post, its locked tight and internally is missing its ladder making access impossible however i will look to discuss this with the owners if i can find them.







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Generally the ones thought to be demolished will be, but, the data isn't claimed to be complete. There was a big problem years ago in that there was no nice list of post locations to work from. Even the Royal Observer Corps Association recognise the SubBrit database as the most accurate available! It is updated as and when better information comes to light (as Jack knows having been responsible for some recent updates).


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Interesting to see, the infilled sides on the Orlit are unusual.

There was a big problem years ago in that there was no nice list of post locations to work from.
Technically I suppose there was what with the post directories, which listed everything operational at the time of publishing. Groups had their own local directories too with very detailed directions to every post, although these are harder to come across. Subbrit has been the best reference and dead useful over the years though.

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