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Lead or Rumour info - Rotherham centre tunnels??


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Oh so that's what he meant is it. Just for clarity, the tunnels that everyone keeps talking about are the arches that look like railway tunnels in the car park opposite forge island in Rotherham., That's why they keep getting referred to as "Tunnels". There are no "Real" tunnels under Rotherham town centre, it's solid rock. The tunnels are actually a series of chambers and rooms and were part of the old slaughterhouse. Why post a request for lead information and then take the piss when some one gives it to you? Fucking idiots.
We did not ask for info it was a new member just like us, don't call us fucking idiots without any proper reason I personally don't care but that's me, I'm just tired of seeing tunnels under rhyl, tunnels under Southport! And all the shit in Manchester.


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Yup, every town has an old rumour about a tunnel from the church to pub to the manor house etc. etc. Sometimes its actually true but very rarely and super rare these days as the ones that do have all mostly been found.

The many threads do get a bit tiresome.


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I remember being told that there were a tunnel from the Church to an ominous churchy looking building on bridge street near the Bus station right next to the river.

No idea what it actually is though as it doesnt seem to serve a purpose that I know of.


** Actually google says it was built as part of the bridge in 1483 so very unlikely it actually has a tunnel going to it