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Report - Rotor bunker, south coast june 2012


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This rotor bunker is situated on the south coast, this has been unused from the forces since a fire damaged it in 1969, its aproximatly 70ft underground and was amazed at the amount of rooms and machinery is still in place.
This was sold to a private buyer in around 2000 who had loads of plans originaly but all have gone by the wayside now.
this was a permision visit, the place is also alramed and has a couple of other nasty suprises for the uninvited visitor.
sorry im being a little vague about the place but the guy running the place dosent want to be bugged about letting people in the place.

ive known about this place for many many years and this is like the holy grail for me, as ive wanted to look inside since i was a schoolkid.

ok on with the pics, they may not be fantastic quality, but i explore for as im interested in the topic, not the photography.

the ladder on the way down

then at the bottom, you go down this tunnel, even deeper underground


then there are a couple of zig zaged corridoors with big heavy shutter doors


this room had a balcony all around it so possibly the war room where a large table would have been. (or maybe not)


then there were several rooms dotted about with air compressors, water boilers ect ect, this was the air and water purification room.

this was the smoke damaged gents toilets, nothing that a bit of bleach couldnt handle lol

more of the corridoors


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