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Report (Permission Visit) Rougham Hall, Suffolk - 2011 to 2014


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Sorry - this is my first post, and apologies if it is not allowed (with regards to the fact these pictures were taken between 2011-2014).

I worked for Rougham Estate and had access to the ruins without fear of being chased away by the game-keeper... Incidently, if you catch him on a good day, he will let you wander about and explore at your own risk.

As has already been documented, the Hall was built on the ruins of a previous house - however, it was not the ruins of Rougham Hall - this was a timber-built house that occupied land now the other side of the A14 (if you know the area, Rougham Nursery is now sited where the original hall was). After this hall burnt down, the current hall was built, supposedly in a gothic style. The orangery was reported to be the largest and most modern in Europe at the time. It was the first building to have "underfloor heating" in the UK.

During WW2 Rougham Estate was largely commandered by the US Airforce, who were using the nearby Rougham Airfield. There are various ammo dumps around the estate. The Hall was home to the officers.

There was a bombing raid that destroyed the house - none of the airman were in residence at the time as there was a ball/party at the base. The only person at the house was the caretaker, and he escaped unharmed! Miraculous when you see the damage!! The actual intended target for this bombing raid was not the ammo dumps (as previously reported) but the nearby Rushbrook Hall (home of the Rothchilds) - The Rothchilds were reportedly helping Jews evacuate from Germany - the day after Rougham Hall was destroyed, an article appeared in the German news reporting that the Rothchilds home had been bombed....

Interestingly the stable block still stands - partly converted into cottages. The clock tower on the stable block is stuck at the time the first bomb hit. It has never been repaired or altered.

If you look around the grounds/gardens of the Hall you will find some beautiful plants/shrubs/trees that once made up the formal lawns (now overgrown with trees and brambles). The Farm Manager told me that there is an ice-house, swimming pool and maze within the grounds that have never been found, despite many hours of searching. I think we uncovered the maze on one visit. I'm desperate to find the pool, although I fear this could have been filled in, either on purpose or just over the course of time.

The hall as it stood in 1944

The hall today



What was once formal gardens (grass is grazed by rabbits/deer -not managed at all, and you have to trek through brambles to get here)

Remains of the Orangery

One of the towers

View Approaching from the stable block - this was once the courtyard, now occupied by a very large crater


Stable Block

Clock Tower

One of the Ammo Dumps (empty!!) on the estate

I have hundreds (probably thousands) of pictures of the hall, so its hard to select a few to share!

Internal pics Added;

Looking up at Orangery Roof

In the Orangery

Stable Block Entrance

Ground Floor of Tower




Window Detail

I do have lots more but they are on an old computer - I will try and upload them over the weekend if anyone is interested.
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Re: Rougham Hall - Various Dates

Nice work, and cool photos, could you wack in a rough are it is in (suffolk) and a approx date too


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Re: Rougham Hall - Various Dates

I have some internal pics - will put them on tomorrow. Most of the interior is destroyed/upper floors fallen through. I couldn't get access to the clock tower sadly. It's well boarded up and even the staff don't seem to have keys.


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Re: Rougham Hall - Suffolk - 2011 to 2014

Ah cool. Still a lively place though. You only get 24 hours from 1st putting up the post to edit it. So be quick if you want the in the main post


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Re: Rougham Hall - Suffolk - 2011 to 2014

Best set i've seen of the hall for a while! If I remember correctly the clock is stuck at the time it was bombed

Tawny Fawn

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Re: Rougham Hall - Suffolk - 2011 to 2014

Beautiful architechture, will have to do a bit of investigating as this place is in my neck of the wood and looks well worth a visit! Thanks!

Steve vale

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Good to see the photos. The history of the present and former rougham hall was my o level history project in the mid 70s. I got carried away and ended up writing what I'd call a small book on the subject. Major Abnew ( later to become sir George Agnew ) was a great source of information and I interviewed some of the house staff, some who were in the hall on the night it was bombed and their story's were fascinating

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