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Report - Rougham Hall, Suffolk, August 2014


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Hi all, this was a fairly spontaneous visit to Rougham Hall so apologies for lack of images and poor quality. It was mine and my companions first UE. We were not prepared for the rush we got. Definitely a great experience. There is a lot of history already posted about this hall, I would be happy to edit it in though.


We approached the hall from the South and came to a set of stairs. Upon climbing them, we saw the South side of the Hall. On the right is a sort of tower.



Attached to the East side of the tower is a conservatory/green house with a vantage point to see inside the tower.

Bottom of tower.

Top of tower.

If you carry on Northwards of the conservatory there is a lot of graffiti, a toilet block and a really large safe.
Back at the stairs and straight ahead there are two, two story rooms. In the first, the floor has fallen out. The second has the only line of sight in to the room on the left of the stairs.

On the Left is what looked like the main entrance. Massive wooden doors, but also a wooden floor. Not so keen to go stepping around on it though ;P.

Thanks for looking :)


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Re: Rougham Hall August 2014

Some major subsidence :/ such a shame, looks like it was a great building once. Thanks for posting, really enjoyed it.


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Re: Rougham Hall August 2014

I love Rougham Estate. I worked there for some years - incidently the land owner/game keeper are quite friendly and will allow people to look round at leisure if they ask.... I have many, many photos (including pictures of what it looked like before the bombing)and a very detailed history.

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